Will Stelfox

Will Stelfox is a Canadian magician, currently living in Vancouver, BC.

For the past six years, Will Stelfox has developed unique acts, catered to those who are looking for fresh entertainment. From performances on Canada's Got Talent, to the Genting Highlands in Malaysia, and with three appearances on the front page of Murphys Magic, Will is guaranteed to amaze and astound wherever he goes

Will Stelfox is best known for his versatility. He is just as comfortable navigating a professional setting in a suit, as his is eating razorblades on stage at a nightclub. Will Stelfox has created unique styles of performance for every type of event that benefits from great entertainment - including weddings, boardroom meetings, trade shows, restaurants, birthday parties and stadium stage shows.

Rather than learning the most common and popular magic tricks. Will Stelfox created unique ways to present magic in an unconventional way. Rather than doing card tricks, he performs underground gambling cheating moves - dealing the aces from the center of the deck, pickpocketing, and showing your guests the three-card Monte scam. His stage show features bizarre stunts displaying the body doing things it was never built to do - putting a blowtorch out on his tongue, the deadly five fiver fillet song, Russian Roulette, and more! In both close-up and stage settings, these underground and dangerous demonstrations are shown in a fun, engaging and professional manner.

Each show that Will Stelfox is hired for gets special attention, and is catered directly to your specific needs and desires. He takes the quality of his performances very seriously and is guaranteed to leave you completely satisfied with your entertainment.


I guarantee that you get what you pay for, each show is catered directly to your specific needs and desires. Magic is not just my love, but also my career and I take the quality of my performances very seriously. If you are unhappy with your entertainment in any way, you simply do not pay.

Corporate Magic

Planning a corporate event? Will Stelfox can make your company's function remembered for many months! Company Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Dinners, Retirement Events and Business Lunches, Will can represent your company in an interesting and unusual way, making your brand stand out to the crowd.

Wedding Entertainment

Magic brings people together. It makes your special day even more memorable. Will Stelfox will create special moments with comedy and magic during your cocktail hour, dinner or both.

The Stage Show

This 20-Minute Stage Show is one of the most unique live acts featured in the Vancouver nightlife. This bizarre routine features shocking comedy routines, deadly magic tricks that are just has hard to watch as they are to perform, and a finale that will leave the entire room without words to describe what just happened. With over 1,000 bookings of this show, Will Stelfox is proud to call this his signature entertainment piece.

Party Magic

Whether you want fun and care-free walk-around magic at your next house party, or you want a classy 20-Minute performance on your semi-formal Birthday party, Will Stelfox will satisfy your entertainment needs.

Restaurant Magic

Will Stelfox offers the art of performing magic in a restaurant; going from table to table entertaining guests where they sit. This type of magic (known as close-up magic) happens right in front of their eyes. Magic is typically performed before the food is served or in between courses. Magic can also eliminate walk-outs, with entertainment being offered while customers wait for their turn to be seated, and also has a time-filler when the kitchen is backed up and the customers are waiting for their food.


Are you interested in learning magic? Whether you're old or young, a beginner or an experienced performer, Will Stelfox can bring your sleight of hand, jokes and stage presence to your desired level. Learning from Will doesn't just make you a better performer, but gets you off on the right foot if you are a beginner.

What to expect

Table show

Will's Table Show features your entire party gathered around the magic for 25 minutes of non-stop action with advanced sleight of hand routines and storytelling. Watch Will deal aces from the center of the deck, perform the Three Card Monte as seen on the streets of New York, and perform acts that can only be described as paranormal - taking place in plain sight. This is available for parties of up to 60 guests.

Close up

Will's Close-Up Magic involves performances for every person at your event, in small groups of one to five people at a time. This is the least intrusive form of magic, as you don't need to gather everyone in one room to view the magic at any given time. This option is available to parties that include at least 60 guests.

Make any night stand out

Will Stelfox's magic is a surefire way to make any night stand out. Bring in an entertainer who will be unexpected, elegant and memorable to make sure every guest - old and young, hip and square - has a moment of amazement and joy tailored just for them. It will be a stand-out experience on an already special day!

A great time!

When you throw a party, it's always nice to know that your guests will be talking about the great time they had for weeks to come, and hiring top-notch entertainment is the best way to ensure this happens.

Happy Clients

“Your magic show was my surprise birthday gift for my husband and I was thrilled with how you amazed and entertained all of us at the dinner party. Thank you for making my husband's 35th birthday party so memorable!”


“Fantastic show last night Will! WOW it was amazing! Thanks so much and please come back ANYTIME!”


“Will was an amazing addition to our event. He was extremely intuitive to our needs. For anyone who's looking for a hardworking, professional entertainer, I would recommend Will in a heartbeat.”


“Will Stelfox provided entertainment at our annual open house and was able to entertain and amaze our group of guests for several hours. He engaged the attention of the attendees and worked his way through the crowded space with professionalism and enthusiasm. We would not hesitate to hire Will again and we would recommend him for any such event..”

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